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Categories must be wider than 1' to have storage units.
Security Doors may only be used on 85" and 55" tall fixtures.
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Select Total Set Width

Move slider left to right to change width of the set.

Select Profile Height

Select "telescoping" or "low" or select a category to change individual height.

Telescoping - 85" Standard
Low - 55"

Select Profile Color

Select between "silver" or "black" to change the color of the set.


Customize Categories

Click the arrows to resize the categories.
Select from the categories above and click a category below to update the category. When selected, click the arrows to move a category left or right.

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Deselect Shelves

Customize Shelving

Modify shelving below. Click a cell to modify its selected shelving.
Hold your mouse button down to highlight multiple.

Shelf Tray
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Reset Storage

Add Storage

Select a category, as many as you want. Then select from the available storage options below.

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Storage Drawers

Coming soon

To use this configurator easily, please use a tablet or a desktop. There are a lot of options and possibliities within this configurator, and unfortunately, a mobile screen is simply too small.